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Electrolube Produce Complete Cleaning Solution for Silicone Wafer Assemblers

Jun 22, 2017

Global electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, has developed an innovative cleaning solution called Safewash Super (SWAS) for PCB wafer assemblers, following close collaboration with a number of manufacturers to considerably improve their cleaning capabilities as well as speed up throughput, reduce costs and decrease environmental impact. Whilst cleaning processes can vary from plant to plant, the silicone
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Micro-Focused IR Thermal Testing with PDR’s Focused IR

PDR, a leader in IR rework and test, introduces the benchtop based PDR IR-TS One IR Thermal Test System, designed to thermally cycle key critical components and assemblies to detect defects. Using PDR’s unique Non-Destructive Dual Thermal Stress Screening Process, based on a variation on HALT/HASS principles, the system is able to focus the testing
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New Optel Mobile Smart Factory Solutions for Electronics Assembly

Jun 15, 2017

Optimal Electronics Corporation, a global provider of innovative software solutions for the electronics assembly industry, announces mobile Smart Factory solutions for electronics assembly. Customers demand mobile solutions, where a mobile device can manage one or more assembly lines, instead of the traditional way of one PC per machine. Optimal Electronics Founder and CEO Ranko Vujosevic,
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New Focused IR Micro Component / PCB Rework System from PDR Americas

PDR, a leader in IR rework and test, is pleased to announce the PDR IR-E3M Micro Component/PCB Rework System. In response to customer demands for ultra-precision micro-rework, PDR has taken its popular Focused IR E3 Evolution Series Rework Platform and further enhanced it for extreme micro-rework applications. In addition to general-purpose applications, the IR-E3M’s thermal,
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Data I/O Introduces New ConneXTM Smart Programming Software

Connecting automated device programming to your smart manufacturing initiative for highest quality, efficiency and comprehensive traceability.   Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO), the leading global provider of advanced data and security programming solutions for flash, flash-memory based intelligent devices and microcontrollers, announces its ConneXTM smart programming software for PSV systems. The PSV family is Data
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New PDR Hot Plate Attachments for LED Rework, Flex Circuit Rework and Aluminum Clad Circuit Card Assemblies

Jun 8, 2017

PDR, a leader in IR rework and test, is pleased to introduce its new aluminum clad PCB rework tools for LED rework, flex circuit rework and aluminum clad circuit card assemblies. Designed to be incorporated into PDR’s existing line-up of Focused IR Rework Machines, PDR’s new Hot Plate series incorporates all of the best attributes
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BTU International’s PYRAMAX Zero-Turn Advanced Thermal Processing System

BTU International, Inc., announces the PYRAMAX™ ZeroTurn Dual Chamber system. The ZeroTurn dual chamber design eliminates process changeover time while preserving the process control that PYRAMAX is known for. Zero turnaround means that high volume manufacturers, that have to contend with product mix, deal with less downtime – enabling higher productivity from the whole line. 
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PDR Americas Introduces Enhanced IR-E3G Gold Rework System

Jun 1, 2017

PDR, a leader in IR rework and test, is pleased to announce the enhanced IR-E3G Gold, one of three versions that make up the IR-E3 Evolution Series of SMD/BGA Rework Stations. The PDR IR- E3G has been the company’s top selling station for many years, a clear preferred choice of customers worldwide. The versatile system
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TopLine Offers Column Planarizing Tool for Trimming CCGA Solder Columns

TopLine announces an upgraded Column Planarizing Tool for precise trimming of CCGA Solder Columns to ensure planarity across the CCGA with 1 mil accuracy. Planarity ensures robust, reliable and uniform connections when the CCGA component is mounted to its footprint on an electronic assembly. TopLine CCGA Column Grid Array IC packages are made with high
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New Marine Grade Electric Bolt Lock is Fully Enclosed.

Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL), the UK’s leading authority on electromagnetic actuator design, has announced an all-new electric locking shotbolt aimed at users in demanding marine or harsh environments. The electric lock module is called EBL-W. It features the firm’s renowned solenoid technology in a secure, sealed, maintenance-free enclosure. The fully-enclosed EBL-W (Electric Bolt Lock –
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