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Alpha Introduces New Liquid Soldering Flux for PV Tabbing & Stringing Applications

Aug 3, 2017

Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, is introducing ALPHA® PV-38i, its newest liquid soldering flux for PV Tabbing and Stringing. ALPHA® PV-38i is a zero-rosin, no-clean flux specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the photovoltaic industry.  This tabbing and stringing flux has the lowest
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New Metcal HTD Tips & Hand-piece Increase Throughput and Save Money

Jul 27, 2017

Metcal is pleased to introduce the new High Thermal Demand (HTD) Solution for the MX-5200 Series. The HTD hand-piece and tips transform an MX-5000 or MX-5200 series into a powerhouse for applications with high thermal loads – such as dense boards – without damaging sensitive components. Metcal’s HTD solution delivers more thermal energy, thus efficiently
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HumiSeal® Introduces Vivid Cure ™ – Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives

HumiSeal®, a global leader in the protection of electronics introduces the Vivid Cure™ product line of Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives (LOCA).    These uniquely formulated products currently serve a broad spectrum of industries.    Vivid Cure products are available directly from HumiSeal or from our authorized channel partners. Vivid Cure LOCA products are uniquely formulated urethane acrylates
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Count On Tools Expands NXT Nozzle Line for New H24 Head

Jul 20, 2017

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, announces the expansion of the Fuji NXT Nozzle Series for the new H24 mounter head. The new high-speed head from Fuji achieves improved productivity over previous models. Standard nozzles from Count On Tools compliment this mounter to provide increased reliability and
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YAMAHA Sigma Series G5S Modular Mounter with Overdrive: High-speed, Flexible, Dual-head Solution

YAMAHA’s new Sigma Series G5S Modular Mounter delivers high-speed, flexible placement using a two-head mounting solution driven by YAMAHA’s patented Overdrive Control functionality. Self-loading ‘splice-less’ SL feeders eliminate production interruptions, and quick-change feeder bases and tray units deliver seamless productivity. Yamaha’s Sigma G5S excels in speed, capacity, accuracy, and virtually non-stop efficiency. Featuring the fastest,
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COT Launches Mycronic Agilis Flex Feeder Repair Kit

Jul 13, 2017

Count On Tools Inc. (COT), a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, today announced plans to expand its repair program for Mycronic Agilis Feeders by offering Feeder Repair Kits for the Agilis FLEX feeders. Each Mycronic Feeder Repair Kit will include: a precision machined aluminum side cover plate and matching barcode. This
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Seika Introduces Sayaka Twin Table PCB Router with Online Camera for Programming

Jul 6, 2017

Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is pleased to introduce the new Sayaka SAM-CT34NJW Twin Table PCB Router with online camera for programming. The system features advanced image-processing software with point-and-click operation for programming router paths. The CCD camera captures an image of the PCB, while programming cutting
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Akrometrix Launches New Warpage Metrology System – the Tabletop Shadow Moiré (TTSM)

Akrometrix, LLC, the leading provider of thermal warpage and strain metrology equipment to both the front- and back-end semiconductor and electronics industries, is pleased to announce that it has launched its newest warpage metrology system – the Tabletop Shadow Moiré (TTSM) system. “Over the years, many of our customers who are using our systems for
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TopLine Introduces Large Scale QFN Daisy Chain Test Package

TopLine now produces very large size 12x12mm Daisy Chain QFN components with dummy silicon die for use in a variety of SMT process and thermal profile testing applications. These large-size, bottom terminal QFN packages feature 100 pins, spaced very fine pitch at 0.4mm.  The package size conforms to JEDEC standards with package height not exceeding
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New Generation of Extraction and Filtration Systems for Medium Quantities of Gases, Vapors, and Dusts

Jun 29, 2017

ULT AG has completely redesigned its ULT 200 product range and now introduces a new generation of extraction and filtration devices. With space-saving and modular construction, these systems efficiently remove soldering fume and dust as well as gases, odors, and vapors.  The extraction systems‘ modularity allows for a high flexibility and adaptation to changing process
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