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Viscom presents new high-resolution camera module for in-line wire bond inspection
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Viscom AG offers the new XM Bond HR camera module for dependable inspection of wire bonds. Its characteristics include a 21 mm x 21 mm field of view size and exceptionally fine detail resolution. It is ideally suited for the most precise inspection of thin wires in the production line.

With the new XM Bond HR camera module, Viscom advances the configuration possibilities in wire bond inspection for higher in-line inspection quality. This module is particularly recommended for safety-relevant electronics, where thin wires with diameters of e.g. only 20 µm are installed. Products of this kind find use, among others, in various types of signal processing in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

The high-quality optical components and sensor chips with first-class resolution and sensitivity achieve superb image quality and sharp detail resolution. Together with its 21 mm x 21 mm field of view size, the XM Bond HR offers a resolution of 4.5 µm per pixel. A telecentric lens ensures that regardless of the distance to an object, an inspection window has the same image scale; for example, the end points of an inspected thin wire are always located at the same positions in the inspection window. In addition, the telecentric optics also prevent areas on the electronic assembly next to tall components from being hidden.

A focus area optimally adjustable to the object height is ensured by an integrated z-axis with 20 mm travel. And Viscom has also further improved optical compensation of height differences for greater image acquisition quality. At the same time, the possibilities of purposeful illumination for different specific applications have been expanded.

The XM Bond HR is especially suited for the in-line systems S6053BO-V and S6056BO from Viscom which, among other features, are distinguished by versatilely configurable transport and handling. This camera technology is controlled through the SI software platform with the same familiar ease operators know from other Viscom solutions. Consequently, production lines can now be equipped with even better technology for wire bond inspection that stands up to the highest demands for throughput, cycle time and inspection depth.

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