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Nathan Trotter Q&A
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nathan Trotter QA ImageIt was recently announced that Nathan Trotter & Co. Inc. acquired the LOCTITE® solder bar division of Henkel Electronics. Prior to the acquisition, Nathan Trotter produced all LOCTITE® solder bar sold in North America on behalf of Henkel Electronics. Effective immediately, LOCTITE® solder bar will be produced and sold under the Nathan Trotter name.  Nathan Trotter has partnered with E-Tronix ( as the master representative to facilitate the transition.

What are some of the benefits of working directly with Nathan Trotter for solder bar and recycling services?

Working directly with Nathan Trotter, the largest tin manufacturer in North America, customers should quickly realize that we are able to leverage our large volumes and purchasing power so the customer can be assured it is receiving the most competitive pricing in the industry.  Also, our hedging program is a leader in the industry, which enables customers to have increased pricing flexibility on orders and contracts.  Blanket contracts, forward pricing, and average pricing are all pricing options easily accomplished.  Working directly with Nathan Trotter ensures access to the high level of service and quick lead times that has allowed us to stay successfully in business for over 200 years.  Our superior service is one reason we are able to offer smaller quantities of solder bar to be purchased per order.

Our recycling division, Tin Technology & Refining, offers extremely competitive reclaim rates and the quickest turnaround from receipt to settlement in the industry.  Our relationships with conflict-free smelters reach globally and ensure only the highest quality primary metals are used in the production of Nathan Trotter solder bar.  In addition, Nathan Trotter is the only large-scale solder producer that is a member of the CFSI and is actively involved in the conflict minerals initiative.

What makes LOCTITE® different/better than other solder brands?

As mentioned in the recently published press release, Nathan Trotter was the producer of LOCTITE® solder bar.  With this acquisition, Nathan Trotter solder bar will be sold under the Nathan Trotter name – same high quality bar as LOCTITE®, just with the Nathan Trotter logo on it.  Nathan Trotter solder is produced using the highest quality primary metals, using technology and metallurgical expertise that has been mastered here over the last 200 years.  The result is a high performing, low dross bar that exceeds all industry standards.  Customers also can choose either a cast or extruded bar depending on their preference.  Any unique customer specifications, including ultra low-lead requirements can be submitted for easy custom production without additional cost or lead time.

By reducing the minimum order number, do you expect this will benefit smaller customers who didn’t previously order LOCTITE® when Henkel was selling it?

Not just smaller customers, but also those larger customers running a JIT inventory.  We also offer consignment and other vendor managed inventory programs.

What will E-tronix’s roll in this acquisition be in helping to facilitate the transition?

E-Tronix was the leading representative under Henkel.  Their familiarity with the customer base and Nathan Trotter’s solder products and recycling program under Tin Technology & Refining makes them a perfect fit to help manage the transition across existing customers, new customers, distributors, and representation.  E-Tronix will offer immediate sales and technical support and oversee the regional rep network employed to supply Nathan Trotter solder bar throughout North America and Mexico.

For sales, support, or additional information about the acquisition, contact Nathan Trotter & Co. at 610-524-1440 or email


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