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TopLine Introduces Particle Impact Dampers (PID) to Reduce Random Vibration
Thursday, October 5, 2017

PID LGA with topline smTopLine announces the introduction of a new series of Particle Impact Dampers (PID) to reduce random vibration in PCB board assemblies in harsh environments.

“Reducing harmful vibrations extends hardware life and reliability,” states Martin Hart, President, in making the announcement. “PID is a COTS commercially-available standard solution, suitable for retrofitting and hardening heritage hardware in the field. After hardening, old hardware is ready for new missions in new operating environments,” he adds.

The PID is a mechanical component that surface mounts onto the PC Board. Inside the PID is a payload of freely-moving tungsten balls that move in the opposite direction to the board.
This counter motion pulls back the bending of the board and attenuates 10db of vibrational energy. PID technology works at fundamental mode vibration frequencies of 100Hz to 2KHz, and operates over a full range of temperatures without de-rating.
PIDs can be solder attached like ordinary components, or attached to the board using permanent epoxy adhesive. TopLine’s new series of Particle Impact Dampers were invented at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.
Readers are encouraged to visit a new web site showing a 2-minute YouTube video how the PID works; Please visit www.Vibration.Engineering Tel 1-800-776-9888 email:

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