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Save the date: Viscom Technology Forum starts June 21, 2017 in Hanover
Thursday, March 16, 2017

Viscom Technology ForumUp-to-date industry information and a host of opportunities for guests and inspection experts to share experiences are waiting for participants at this year’s Technology Forum on June 21-22. Once again, Viscom will offer a wide range of interesting topics, interesting discussions and first-class entertainment.

At last year’s Technology Forum, Viscom customers could choose between informative presentations, user-oriented workshops and opportunities to speak with experts on specific topics (Meet the Experts) – as well as tutorials, which were directed primarily towards newcomers. This multi-faceted arrangement has proven itself and so remains unchanged this year.

Based on the positive experiences with the innovations in 2016, Viscom will tailor the individual formats even more closely to participants’ needs. “Value to our visitors very clearly takes center stage,” emphasizes Martina Engelhardt, responsible for the event. She continues, “Whether it’s system operation and optimization of inspection concepts or informing visitors about today’s selection criteria for the most modern inspection systems – we have different offerings directed specifically to answering our guests’ questions.”

While the tutorials mainly introduce visitors to the requirements and possibilities in the areas of solder paste inspection (SPI), automatic optical inspection (AOI) and X-ray inspection (AXI/MXI), in “Meet the Experts” Viscom customers have the chance to extensively discuss even the most complex questions and bring individual solutions back to their own companies. A broad array of topics currently important in quality control will be covered.

This year’s topics will include practical solutions in the realm of Industry 4.0, such as standardization of communication between machines or intelligent identification of products in the SMT process. Additionally, there will be no shortage of system demonstrations and presentations that allow visitors to broaden their horizons.

As usual, visitors can expect an attractive program with interesting presentations, some going beyond electronics. For example, they can already look forward to an exciting opening talk about “a secret mission,” which will take them to a world most know only from books or films.

And – of course – there will be an evening event with entertainment highlights and the opportunity to expand on the day’s impressions through relaxed conversations and to develop new contacts.

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