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New Marine Grade Electric Bolt Lock is Fully Enclosed.
Thursday, June 1, 2017

EBLW electric lock (small)Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL), the UK’s leading authority on electromagnetic actuator design, has announced an all-new electric locking shotbolt aimed at users in demanding marine or harsh environments. The electric lock module is called EBL-W. It features the firm’s renowned solenoid technology in a secure, sealed, maintenance-free enclosure.

The fully-enclosed EBL-W (Electric Bolt Lock – Weatherproof) modules are easy to install as their open-frame counterparts, which are already deployed widely in industrial applications. Thanks to an exceptionally robust anodised casing machined from a solid billet of aluminium, a variety of mounting options makes installation straightforward, without fear of compromising the modules’ ingress integrity. The units are designed to IP65 specifications.

All moving parts are enclosed in the anodised aluminium housing. To achieve IP65 compliance levels, MSL developed a ‘wet and dry’ chamber design that sits between the wet external environment and the dry internal mechanism. Seals around the moving bolt and on the internal actuator pathway deliver the ingress protection required to give excellent performance and long life in challenging applications. Security is also assured as the specially-designed actuator mechanism provides anti-jacking resilience, preventing intruders from using force to gain access.

EBL‑W addresses the increasing recent demand seen by Magnet Schultz Ltd for electric locking systems that resist water and dust. “One variant of the design is used on a fast seagoing vessel where it is subject to near constant salt water spray,” explains Andrew Newton, managing director at MSL. In addition to marine applications, EBL‑W modules offer high protection for gates in exposed locations, external security doors and on process machine door locks, especially where subject to aggressive clean-down procedures.

Where an anodised aluminium housing is not suitable, other materials are available. All EBL-W modules feature a manual override function. Two product variants are available: an energise-to-lock model, and a spring-to-lock (energise to release) model.

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