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KIC’s SPS Profiler Addresses Thermal Process Data Collection
Thursday, May 25, 2017

KIC SPS ProfilerThe KIC SPS Smart Thermal Profiler is designed for reflow, wave and curing, and transforms thermal process data collection from a costly chore to a value-added function.

The core function of a reflow oven is to produce an acceptable profile on each PCB. The new KIC SPS smart profiler collects the profile data and compares it to the process specifications. Within seconds, the new smart profiler also suggests an improved reflow oven setup.

The new thermal profiler features a small compact design made with an LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) enclosure for better heat protection and faster cool-down between profiles. It utilizes a rechargeable battery, profile stacking, private Wi-Fi for wireless data communication plus much more. This all-new smart thermal profiler design has been optimized for maximum thermal protection plus robust long-term operation.

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