BREAKING NEWS: Fuji America to Include Aegis’ FactoryLogix NPI Software with Nexim
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Dare I Call It Artificial Intelligence? Machine Optimization Explained

Jul 13, 2017

By Bjorn Dahle   To understand a complex technical concept, it helps to break it down into easily understood subcomponents. Whether we elevate (or hype) it by calling it Artificial Intelligence or the more modest “machine optimization,” reflow oven optimization software serves as a great example of this concept. A reflow oven is a complex
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Ensuring that you can safely take a deep breath tomorrow

Jul 6, 2017

Soldering fume in electronics manufacturing – damaging effects and solutions for removal   Introduction Modern electronics manufacturing is made up by a multiplicity of different separation and joining processes, with the later surely taking the vast majority of production technology. Alongside gluing, welding and laser processes, soldering still holds a primary position in electronic assemblies.
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Instant Reflow Oven Changeover in a World of Short Production Runs

Jun 29, 2017

By MB Allen, Product Manager   A clear industry trend now spreading beyond the traditional North American and European markets is characterized by short production runs and frequent production line changeover. Improved technologies for line balancing, production planning, smart feeders, MES and more are being used more effectively to allow for faster production line changeover
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How To Create Your Own Internal Conformal Coating Test Standard

Jun 22, 2017

How do you select and test a conformal coating that is right for your specific application? Or maybe you would like to create your own test specification due to any special characteristics of your device’s operating environment? Or depending on your geographical location, you may also be required to use a different testing specification that
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Optimum 3D application in automatic optical inspection

Jun 15, 2017

The third dimension is an increasingly essential aspect of AOI. Today, the decisive factors in 3D inspection include true-to-life representation from all selectable viewing angles, first-class throughput strengths, exact, certified 3D measurement and multiply networked data exchange. Modern 3D technology is now an indispensable element in automatic optical inspection of electronic assemblies. The three-dimensional back
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What does Industry 4.0 actually deliver today? Example reflow.

Jun 8, 2017

By Vitor Barros, KIC Europe   Industry 4.0 is one of the most exciting developments in the manufacturing industry in decades. It promises vast improvements for both manufacturers and their customers. For some companies, however, it can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult with the current available information to understand exactly what the benefits
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NEO Tech Collaborates with Aviation Industry OEM to Design a New Automation Device for In-flight Use

Jun 1, 2017

By Steve Heinzen, V.P. Marketing, NEO Tech Engineering Services   Re-thinking the aviation industry product development process: Collaborative engineering solution with NEO Tech results in functional integration of commercial wireless technology into an innovative IT solution for the aviation industry with an accelerated product development cycle. An aviation industry OEM and its end customer –
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Delivering a Sustaining Engineering Mid-life Design Upgrade for Medical Imaging Injector Systems

May 25, 2017

By Steve Heinzen, V.P. Marketing, NEO Tech Engineering Services   A major medical OEM building radiology equipment offers an extensive line of imaging equipment and associated supporting injector systems. The occurrence of supply disruption challenges has increased as their injector products are relatively mature after being on the market for several years. Various electronic components
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Motion Sensors Partners with Juki to become state-of-the-art

May 18, 2017

By Nic Meadows, Engineer, Motion Sensors   Motion Sensors Industries (MSI) is a family run OEM founded in 1970 and located in Elizabeth City, NC. Today, Motion Sensors is owned by Marcy Pritchard, who started with the company in 2002 as the General Manager. Marcy became president in 2006 when her father retired, and she
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Progressive cavity pump systems: when precision and repeatability are vital

May 11, 2017

Underused dispensing technology can deliver consistent ±1% accuracy regardless of temperature, pressure or viscosity, By Can La   As recently as half a decade ago, operators of manual and automated dispensing lines had little ability to achieve highly accurate, consistent applications of adhesives, epoxies and other fluids, especially when desiring small depositions, working with viscous
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