BREAKING NEWS: Acculogic Receives Global Technology Award for the Scorpion BRiZ Automated Test and Programming Platform
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Rinsing to Remove Cleaning Agent from Bottom Terminations By David Lober, Dr. Mike Bixenman, Ram Wissel & Jason Chan

Jul 16, 2014

One of today’s major cleaning challenges is to successfully clean and rinse under bottom terminated components. Because of the demands placed on modern printed circuits, including increased component density and circuit complexity, cleaning proves especially critical to ensure proper reliability. This article examines the interplay between cleaning agent and number of rinse cycles on the
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Highest Common Factor, not the Lowest Common Denominator—Establishing a Best-Practice Methodology for Introducing New Electronic Products

Article By Michael Ford, Senior Market Development Manager, PCB Manufacturing, Mentor Graphics Using an advanced Lean new product introduction (NPI) methodology, as opposed to the traditional design-over the fence to-manufacturing flow, can enable companies that are involved in making electronic products to work together based on the highest common factor of functionality and opportunity. A
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Wave Soldering has been around for a long time and although it has become more effective and more efficient as a process, one thing hasn’t changed much, in that most solder machines generate a high amount of dross. In fact, on average some 75% of the solder in the bath oxidizes over time to become
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Circuit Solutions (Cambridge) Increases Capacity with Europlacer

Circuit Solutions (Cambridge) Increases Capacity with Europlacer Due to a continued increase in business, Circuit Solutions (Cambridge) Ltd., a successful Contract Manufacturer based in East Anglia, installed its second line, as supplied by Blakell Europlacer Distribution. Circuit Solutions purchased a new Europlacer iineo II placement machine and Speedprint SP710AVi stencil printer, which are complementary to
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“Case Study: Panasonic South Asia Meets Environmental and Cleanliness Requirements through Process Changes”

In addition to finding cost effective solutions, operator health and safety as well as the mitigation of the environmental impact caused by production processes are valid concerns in any manufacturing facility. Specifically, in the electronics manufacturing industry, the use of environmentally friendly, safe materials, is a must in order to operate a successful process and
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Norcott Technologies Expands with Europlacer

Norcott Technologies, a Cheshire-based contract electronics manufacturer, was funded in 1997 by the management team of Mosaic Technology with the aim to provide electronic design services to OEM manufacturers. The longer term goal was to provide a full service, combining the design capabilities with the ability to also manufacture the products for the end user.
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Speedprint Furthers Silicon Mountain’s Mission of Domestic Reliability, Value and Experience

Jul 10, 2014

Founded in 2002 by Kris Townsend, general manager, and Wayne Townsend, co-founder, and based just outside Boise, Idaho, Silicon Mountain Contract Services has grown steadily over the past 12 years.   The company began with the premise that contract electronic manufacturers (CEMs) based in America could specialize in and provide custom work-cell manufacturing designed to
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Reliability Challenges for Bottom Termination Components

Jun 26, 2014

Reliability Challenges for Bottom Termination Components  

Essemtec Solutions Help EMS, Inc. Continue to Provide Best Possible Customer Service and Quality By Electronic Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.

Founded approximately eight years ago, Electronic Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (EMS, Inc.) provides expertise in PCB assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, electrical panels, cable assembly and wiring harnesses, and provides a turnkey solution for customers’ electronic manufacturing needs. Originally focused on supporting its customers’ requirements for cable and harness assemblies, the company used its strengths and core values
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