BREAKING NEWS: Acculogic Receives Global Technology Award for the Scorpion BRiZ Automated Test and Programming Platform
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Solder Wetting Basics By Ray Cirimele, Master Instructor, STI Electronics, Inc.

Aug 28, 2014

BACKGROUND: Many of us have heard the statement “the most important characteristic of a reliable solder connection is good wetting.” IPC J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 include criteria for the degree of wetting or the percentage of area wetted. IPC J-STD-001 even includes one clause (4.18) that explains what constitutes acceptable wetting; however, it never explains what
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Günter Lauber defines the goals for ASMPT’s new SMT Solutions segment: “Optimized and more heavily integrated processes offer the greatest potential for electronics manufacturing”

Aug 21, 2014

After the successful completion of DEK’s acquisition by ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT), the Placement Solutions Division (SIPLACE) and the Printing Solutions Division (DEK) now form ASMPT’s new SMT Solutions segment. At the press conference for the DEK acquisition, SMT Solutions CEO Günter Lauber provided a first glimpse at the new corporate structure and laid out
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"Production Testing Using Flying Probe Systems" By Paul Bennett and Karim Dehkordi, Acculogic

Aug 13, 2014

Since the mid 1990’s, moving probe in-circuit test systems have been widely used for electronic structural testing of prototypes and new product introduction of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs). For higher volume and faster production testing, In-Circuit Test (ICT) or Manufacturing Defect Analyzers (MDA) systems, using a Bed-Of-Nails (BON) test fixture, have been the choice
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SMTA International Show Preview

Aug 7, 2014

This year in Rosemont, Illinois, the SMTA will again be hosting the SMTA International Exhibition and Conference. In true SMTA style, attendees and exhibitors can expect a focused event with a strong technical conference for which SMTA International has come to be known, running alongside a well-attended exhibition, with plenty of inter-industry participation. SMTAI has
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Exploring AOI and X-Ray by Don Miller, Nordson YESTECH

Jul 31, 2014

Manufacturers of advanced PCB assemblies know that simultaneously producing cost-competitive products and meeting the quality expectations of customers are vital to their success. Driven by advancing board complexities and the desire to improve yields by effectively using real-time process information, manufacturers are increasing their adoption of automated test and inspection technologies. Two of the guiding
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Rinsing to Remove Cleaning Agent from Bottom Terminations By David Lober, Dr. Mike Bixenman, Ram Wissel & Jason Chan

Jul 30, 2014

One of today’s major cleaning challenges is to successfully clean and rinse under bottom terminated components. Because of the demands placed on modern printed circuits, including increased component density and circuit complexity, cleaning proves especially critical to ensure proper reliability. This article examines the interplay between cleaning agent and number of rinse cycles on the
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Establishing a Best-Practice Methodology for Introducing New Electronic Products

Highest Common Factor, not the Lowest Common Denominator, Article By Michael Ford, Senior Market Development Manager, PCB Manufacturing, Mentor Graphics. Using an advanced Lean new product introduction (NPI) methodology, as opposed to the traditional design-over the fence to-manufacturing flow, can enable companies that are involved in making electronic products to work together based on the
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Increasing Quality of Life One Solution at a Time

Jul 16, 2014

Valtronic is a full-service global provider of engineering, industrialization and manufacturing for medical devices and related high-reliability products from microelectronics to complex system integration. Headquartered in the Valley de Joux in Switzerland, the company is strongly supported by its U.S. and Moroccan facilities, and works closely with customers across the globe. Valtronic’s customers are leading
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Enhancing the Electronics Manufacturing Experience – A Real Solution for Traceability, Process Control and Quality Improvements By Davina McDonnell and Mitch DeCaire

Saline Lectronics recently partnered with Cogiscan to implement their innovative Track, Trace and Control System throughout Saline’s 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Thoroughly committed to being a Solutions Provider in the EMS industry, this new system will allow Saline to offer customers detailed end-to-end traceability of product flow at every step of the manufacturing process.
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eTech-WEB Promotes Selective Solder Solutions by Thinking Outside the Box

Based in Round Rock, Texas, eTech-WEB, Inc. builds, repairs and upgrades printed circuit boards (PCBs) with quality, value and exceptional customer service. A leading tech company in the market of ball grid array (BGA) rework and reballing, it has been serving OEMs, contract manufacturers, telecom, aerospace, high-tech industry, higher education organizations and government since 2003,
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