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Joined Up Thinking – Dual-Cure UV and moisture cure pcb encapsulants

Jul 31, 2014

The advantages of single-part, fast, light curing encapulants are now available even if you have complex geometries and shadow cure concerns. The DYMAX Dual-Cure 9100 series of light/moisture-cure encapsulants is a range of products for protection of small areas of pcb’s where sensitive chips or other devices can be encapsulated by a glob top process.
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ProPhotonix Launches COBRA™ Cure for UV Curing, Printing and Machine Vision Markets

ProPhotonix Limited today announces the launch of the COBRA™ Cure, a major upgrade to the power and function of its COBRA Slim Series of Chip-On-Board (COB) LED lighting solutions. UV COBRA™ Cure is a compact LED line light illuminator with a modular form factor that produces a uniform line up to a peak irradiance of
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Viscom Introduces the New Software Release SI 7.47

Jul 24, 2014

Viscom is pleased to introduce Software Release SI 7.47. With this new Release, Viscom introduces numerous innovations and improvements in the area of inspection plan generation and analysis software for its inspection systems. The highlights of Release 7.47 can be clearly seen: advancements in the downlink function for Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), the automation of
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DYMAX UV/light adhesive from Intertronics- for when it absolutely must look right

The high end acrylic fabrication company Dauphin Restoration Ltd, founded in 1986, designs and makes cast acrylic mounts, cases and cabinets for an increasing number of state and private collectors alike.   With an invitation to receive the Royal Warrant as Mount Makers to Her Majesty The Queen, Dauphin has established itself as the world’s
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Chemtronics® Launches Chemask® HT and Chemask® Aqua To Improve PCB Assembly Processes

Chemtronics, a supplier of high quality cleaners, coatings, and electronic rework tools, has introduced two new innovative additions to their Chemask® line of temporary solder masks: Chemask® HT and Chemask® Aqua. Chemask HT is a fast curing, peelable temporary spot mask formulated for long-term heat protection at elevated temperatures. Chemask HT may be used to
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Miyachi America Announces the Availability of the Miyachi MDA-10000A Linear DC Weld Control

Miyachi America Corporation, a leading manufacturer of resistance welding equipment and laser processing systems, announces the availability of the Miyachi MDA-10000A ultra-fast, high current linear DC weld control, which can operate in constant current mode, constant voltage mode, or both.   Particularly well suited to series welding applications, the MDA-10000A is ideal for welding optical
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Gen3 Systems Announces the Next Generation of Solder saver

Gen3 Systems Limited, a specialist British manufacturer and distributor, announces the new and improved Solder saver. Gen3 Systems is the worldwide distributor of the system designed by Aprotec Instrumentation. The Solder saver is for use with leaded and lead-free wave soldering machines.   The design changes include a separate activation switch, enabling the user to
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Cupio Yestech Europe’s new VuData software unlocks the true benefits of YESTECH AOI system data

Jul 15, 2014

AOI’s obvious benefit is its ability to spot defects in boards or subassemblies coming down a production line, so any defective units are captured and removed for rework before being shipped to a customer or integrated into a larger system. Yet AOI systems also have huge potential beyond the obvious – they collect large volumes
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Nordson EFD Introduces Updated ValveMate Controller for Exceptional Spray Valve Control

Nordson EFD, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), a world leading precision fluid dispensing systems manufacturer, introduces the 7160RA ValveMate™ controller. The controller provides an intuitive way to program Nordson EFD’s 782RA internal Radial Spray Valve and 7860C-RS Radial Spinner System. The controller’s unique microprocessor circuitry provides exact time control of the dispense cycle with an
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Indium Corporation Announces RMA-155 Pb-Free Solder Paste

Indium Corporation recently released RMA-155 Pb-Free Solder Paste. RMA-155 is one of the best solder pastes for customers who are required to use RMA materials, but who need the performance benefits of modern Pb-free solder paste technology. RMA-155 was designed for balanced performance, making it ideal for high-complexity boards with a variety of component sizes,
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