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BTU International’s PYRAMAX Zero-Turn Advanced Thermal Processing System
Thursday, June 8, 2017

BTU PYRAMAX ZeroTurnBTU International, Inc., announces the PYRAMAX™ ZeroTurn Dual Chamber system.

The ZeroTurn dual chamber design eliminates process changeover time while preserving the process control that PYRAMAX is known for. Zero turnaround means that high volume manufacturers, that have to contend with product mix, deal with less downtime – enabling higher productivity from the whole line.  This dual chamber design truly isolates the two processes, with independent temperature, belt speed and static pressure convection rate controls. Lead-free and leaded processes can be at temperature, side-by-side, without affecting cross board thermal uniformity in either chamber.

Peter Tallian, BTU’s general manager, said, “The ZeroTurn is a fitting addition to the PYRAMAX platform, eliminating recipe changeover time without sacrificing process performance.”

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